Ecronova® Products

for Interior Architectural Coatings

Architectural Coatings for Highly Efficient Paints and Plasters

In comparison to the traditional type of binders we have been successful to enhance the pigment/binder ratio and also, as a result of process optimization, increase the silicate-compatibility.

Due to the better wetting of pigments and extenders, a new standard in contrast-ratio of indoor paints could be achieved.

In comparison to traditional silicate paints, emulsion-silicate-paints have the following properties:

  • water vapour permeability
  • weatherability
  • UV- light stability (non yellowing paints)
  • non-flammable
  • stabilisation (consolidation) of mineral substrates
  • non blistering
  • ecological according to DIN4108
  • water impermeability

The hydrophobic properties of the emulsion-silicate paints make their use in renovation and building particular advantageous. Additionally, dispersions of silicone resins may be added, which also increase the climatic protection.


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